Fine Line Yoga Therapy is the best kept secret for scoliosis and back care.

Nancy Fox, proprietor of Fine Line Yoga Therapy, is a certified yoga therapist and author with more than 17 years of experience.

Since 2010, she has focused on helping people with scoliosis and back issues avoid surgery, find relief from pain, and learn to manage their own back care.

Hands-on but non-invasive, this therapeutic approach employs yoga postures and breathing techniques, props, and precise, curve-specific modifications to the classic yoga poses to help people of all ages find freedom from back pain, enhanced mobility, balance, strength and body awareness.


I have visited numerous chiropractors, naturopaths, and physical therapists. No one has helped with my scoliosis as much as Nancy. My pain is now at best minimal. More amazing is I am able to breathe more freely and even my posture has noticeably improved.
Bob W.

We’re Moving…

I am currently relocating and will suspend temporarily all classses and private sessions effective December 30, 2020. Please subscribe to be apprised of when livestreamed classes and private sessions resume.