Hear what Nancy’s students have to say…

When I had my fusion back surgery, I was attending hatha yoga classes. Because of my age and back, I was unable to do all the poses as they should be done. It was frustrating. Then I heard about Nancy’s Scoliosis and Back Yoga, so I gave it a try. What a relief! To be able to complete a yoga pose correctly using all of her tools is a blessing I wouldn’t trade for anything. Also, Nancy personalizes the moves depending on each of our particular problems. When I leave her class, I feel physically rejuvenated and mentally at peace.

Sandy C.

This wonderful class has helped me in so many ways.  I have learned poses that are best for my scoliosis, how to adjust other poses and how to do yoga differently to protect myself.  There is a great, supportive atmosphere in the class. A great group of people and a great instructor.


We just returned from a 2,500 mile, two week driving trip during which I did most of the driving.  I thought you’d like to know that for the first time ever my back didn’t and doesn’t hurt!! I can only attribute this improvement to the addition of the yoga for scoliosis postures you have prescribed! Thank you for the work you do.  

Pat H.

I love my 1-1 sessions with Nancy! She is an expert at understanding scoliosis and continues to deepen her knowledge.  She recognizes what yoga poses are helpful for my particular curves, teaches me how to do them and understands my responses to new poses. I always feel refreshed at the end of a session with Nancy!  The photos she takes of the poses and the notes she writes are very helpful to me for practice between sessions. The yoga helps me continue to function well. I’m grateful to Nancy for this.

Lois P.

Of the laundry list of back problems I have scoliosis may be the least of them. This is truly total back care! The physical benefits from working with Nancy are a given. The mental, emotional, and spiritual health that comes from working with Nancy is where the real healing happens!

Colin Breslin

I started working with Nancy 9 years ago around the time I was told I needed total spinal fusion surgery for my scoliosis. Nancy is dedicated, knowledgeable and sensitive to each of her student’s needs. Her yoga class has been the best thing that’s happened for me and my back issue. I elected to not do the surgery and her class has helped me maintain an active lifestyle and be mainly pain free. It’s also given me a community of people who are dealing with the same issues I am. The sharing has been wonderful and I can’t say enough about how important this class is to me. 


I have taken scoliosis classes with Nancy Fox for eight years now. I can’t imagine how I would be without the classes, private sessions, and workshops. Nancy is very compassionate, patient and understanding. She is an expert in scoliosis and back care with significant training and experience. I have gone to many different locations following her and will continue to do so. I highly recommend addressing your back problems and seeing Nancy. She is the best!
Annie Schacke

Nancy Fox has tremendous knowledge about the spine and its many challenges. Her yoga practice is equally brilliant. After a personal assessment with her I understood more about my scoliosis condition than any doctor had ever explained to me. I practice with her regularly and will continue because I am better for it. Nancy is meticulous about poses, and she is attentive to each person’s specific condition. Plus, she is joyful, kind and encouraging. Because of Nancy, I know I will be strong and brave in dealing with my spine instead of having any kind of surgery. Thank you, Nancy!

Cynthia M.

Several years ago, my back went into spasms for over five months, complicated by scoliosis and a sedentary lifestyle. As things started to resolve, I knew I needed to find help to regain strength and flexibility in my back. I started working with Nancy through private lessons, because I couldn’t perform simple movements like bending over or sitting back in a chair without pain, so I wanted to start out slowly. Once I started feeling better, I added her classes to my routine, where instruction for poses is slow and methodical, and individual attention is given based on a person’s curvature or other physical issues. While my scoliosis will always be a life long challenge for me, Nancy’s expertise, patience and support helped me regain some of what I’d lost, reducing my level of pain and restoring some of my lost flexibility.

Therese M.

I have interned and trained under Nancy for the past year+ attaining my Yoga for Scoliosis Certification.  Her patience, direction, passion for teaching and perfectionism for this practice has allowed me to gain a depth of understanding that was required to achieve this certification.  I will forever be grateful to Nancy for her love and devotion to this practice and to me.

Linda Benton, Scolioyoga

Nancy brings great enthusiasm to her classes as well as unflagging desire to help her students find the joy and benefit in our yoga practice.  She has provided me with adjustments to classic asanas that take into consideration my spinal asymmetries.  Thanks to Nancy I have been able to continue my yoga practice without hurting myself and without exacerbating my scoliosis.  The others in my class are very supportive.

Judy F.

I feel so supported in Nancy’s yoga-for-scoliosis classes, because she is deeply knowledgable about what helps a back and what hurts it. She is attentive to the idiosyncrasies of each of our bodies, so even when a class session is full to the brim I am confident that I am being watched and cared for. I am one of the older members of the class and poses can be challenging, but we are cautioned not to do them in a way that invites discomfort. And the end result is that I always feel stronger and more relaxed than when class started. I am very fortunate to have found Nancy, as well as the lovely people with whom I work side-by-side in class.

Nancy’s therapeutic back care yoga class has been a lifesaver for me! I have learned how to adjust poses for my scoliosis, use props to help alleviate pain and muscle aches and develop at-home exercises to get me through until the next class. Nancy is very knowledgeable and patient and has made me realize how important this practice is to my well-being and quality of life. I’m so thankful I found her when I did! 

Rachel Peterson

I have been attending Nancy’s classes for about 5 years. Though I wished I would have discovered her decades ago, I’ve learned that it’s never too late to improve spine health, posture, alignment, and overall well-being. She is a gentle powerhouse of knowledge, sensitivity, and expertise in therapeutic yoga practice for back problems and scoliosis. Her advanced and specialized workshops, as well as her excellent book, offer more focused learning opportunities and strategies for elongation, derotation, and strength-building.  Always inspirational, supportive, and positive, she encourages her students to incorporate their continuing knowledge and body awareness into their home practice and everyday lives.”

Bobbie R.

I wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying your scoliosis class. It is really helping me. You’re a great teacher and I look forward to coming back to class every week 


Steve S.